• STAFFING NETWORK: Extensive national network of medical
     providers (Supervising Physicians, Physician Assistants and
     Advanced Nurse Practitioners) throughout the United States.
     You will never be without a qualified medical provider to
     oversee your on-site medical clinic.

     with patients/employees helps avoid the need for prescription
     medication that is often dispensed at a commercial facility
     (automatic recordable).  Our clinic works for YOU to manage
     your medical costs, drive down your TRIR and EMR and
     minimize employee lost time.

PROPER EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES: We understand the types of accidents and injuries that are most likely to
   occur on the right-of-way and have the proper equipment and supplies to handle them on-site.

PROPER TRAINING: We provide each medical provider with extensive pre-employment training to ensure that
   they are fully knowledgeable of rules/regulations and treatment protocols for providing appropriate occupational 
   hazard medical care on-site.

EXPERIENCE: (13) years of full turn-key medical consulting, management and training experience.  Extensive
  experience with recruiting, hiring, training and placing hard-to-locate professionals nationally in the medical and
  business community.

SAFETY: We actively reinforce the client’s safety protocols to maximize employee compliance.