CMC will set-up and maintain all necessary medical equipment and supplies for the on-site clinic to provide
   appropriate medical care for minor illnesses, accidents and injuries that occur.  Drug testing and collection services
   (DOT and non-DOT) are also available upon request.

On-site medical professionals (Physician Assistant or Advanced Nurse Practitioner) will provide immediate and
  ongoing medical care and support for all employees on-site.  Roving medical personnel are available as well.


CMC will staff each clinic with licensed medical professionals for 6 days per week and 12 hours per day unless
   otherwise agreed upon with client.  Staff will be non-physician providers (PA-C, ARNP) with appropriate level of
   advanced occupational health training and experience.

CMC will conduct background check, verification of education/credentials and drug testing of all medical providers.

CMC provides its medical professionals with thorough pre-employment training that focuses on properly managing
  OSHA recordables, increasing worker productivity or man-hours worked, and properly assessing workers
  compensation injuries or illnesses.

Each medical professional will be covered under CMC's medical malpractice coverage.


Each medical provider utilized by Construction MediCamp will collaborate with and work under a Supervising
   Physician appointed by Construction MediCamp. Each licensed Supervising Physician will be registered with the
   state and compliant with any and all state and federal rules and regulations.